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My mantra is find your flow, and that certainly applies to your classes. My private classes and sessions are all about you and will be tailored to your specific needs and desires, so you too can find your flow. I offer a range of services so have an explore below and feel free to get in touch with any questions or requests.

Please note that all classes currently will be taught virtually, but classes are still available, which means no matter where you are you can practice with me.


These classes are part of the physical side of yoga. We will work through a series of postures (asanas) at a pace and difficulty to suit you


These sessions focus on the mental side of yoga. The aim is to bring a little peace and space into the mind with accessible, down to earth meditation techniques


Private yoga classes are all about you. The pace and complexity will be dictated by you and your experience. These classes typically last 1-2 hours and will cover a variety of poses to work with your body towards your goals. Whether you are looking to start yoga, working with an injury or building on a specific skill, a private class can really ensure you get the help and attention you require to take your yoga to the next level.


These classes needn’t be just 1-1 but can be for small groups or even slightly larger groups at events like brunches or nights in with friends.

The private classes can be booked as one off sessions or as a block dependent on your wishes. Before you begin your private classes we will discuss injuries, areas of stiffness and what you want to work on to ensure you get the most from your class. The yoga classes can also be incorporated with mini or full meditation sessions if you wish.


My meditation sessions are all about creating a little more calm, be that in the breath, mind or body. You don't need to have done meditation before to try it, in fact the style I teach is very accessible and is easy to apply to a modern lifestyle. Your meditation session will be structured specifically for you, it may include a series of shorter meditations or perhaps one or two longer meditations. We will delve a little into the science and understanding of meditation to help you grow your practice. Should you like we can get stuck into the deeper more complex understanding of meditation. 

I have taught individuals, small groups and much larger classes, including within the workplace, so whatever your desires for the session, whether it is one to one or for a group I will be happy to oblige. 

The meditation classes can be carried out in a chair or seated on the floor, and can include a very gentle short stretch to prepare you should you desire. If you prefer you can have a physical yoga session followed by a meditation session. The decision is all yours.

I understand meditation can be a little bit of a scary notion for some of us so please drop me a line and ask for more details if you want.

Meditation Sessions


“Naomi’s classes are fantastic. They strike the perfect balance between relaxing and rewarding. Whatever your ability, Naomi will ensure you are comfortable and she is the most knowledgeable instructor that I’ve encountered. I love her classes and would recommend to anyone. Thank you, Naomi."


“I really look forward to Naomi’s classes because she teaches with such a happy and calming energy. She guides you into postures with confidence and invites you to explore more challenging poses, wherever you feel comfortable, without any judgement or pressure. I feel really proud of my practice after class and always leave feeling positive and energised - thanks Naomi"


Naomi's unique style as a yoga instructor has been important to me on my continuing journey through the world of yoga. Her care in explaining postures, techniques and principles has reinforced my love for the discipline and deepened my practice"



For class bookings and enquiries fill out the form opposite and I'll get back to you


My Qualifications and Training

I completed my Yoga Alliance accredited 200 hour Teacher Training Course in 2016 based in Morocco, run by Yogahaven. This was a Vinyasa flow focused course but involved elements from other styles too.


In 2017 I did a pranayama training which I like to draw from at the start and end of classes to help focus, calm or energise students.


Meditation is an integral part of the traditional yoga roots and therefore wanting to take the mental side of my own practice and my students’ practice deeper I completed a Yoga Alliance accredited 100 hour meditation teacher training with beanddo in 2017.

My Yoga Style

My classes have an element of fluidity when it comes to the style of yoga. I enjoy teaching a mixture of styles to suit my students. Generally this will revolve around a vinyasa style foundation of varying pace, but sometimes I teach a hatha style class to help my students get to grips with a certain alignment or to provide a more restorative class. I have taught classes ranging from ‘yogi core’ to ‘restorative hatha yin fusion’ and enjoy finding the right combination of styles for my students.


I practise and teach down to earth meditation which can be easily incorporated into the modern-day lifestyle, helping my students to find their own meditation path that fits with their life.