Why I'm Not setting a new year's resolution

It would appear everyone loves the idea of a new year’s resolution but this year I’m officially breaking up with the troublesome tradition and here’s why.

"I believe we don't need to add new year's resolutions to the list of things we have to do”

This last week and probably for the next coming week the hot topic will be new year’s resolutions. Whether you are scrolling through Instagram, reading a newspaper or simply doing a quick supermarket shop you will most likely find yourself being fed the idea that we need to improve ourselves in 2019. But isn’t life tricky enough? Don’t we already have enough pressures in our lives? Do we really need to set more goals for ourselves, that let’s face it we rarely manage to sustain beyond late spring? Aren’t we actually just setting ourselves up to fail and therefore feel worse about ourselves? In the current times of faster, better, bigger and more do we seriously need to achieve more when quite frankly most of us are exhausted from the recent years of faster, better, bigger and more?

Well, no, I believe we don’t need to add new year’s resolutions to the list of things we have to do.

I’ve never really set resolutions at new year and distinctly remember when my brother came home telling us his friend at school was setting a resolution not to set a resolution that year. Kudos to whoever that friend was, I believe they were ahead of the curve! Despite not having resolutions as a part of my new year rituals, this year I have been bombarded with how I should make myself better for this coming year.

Don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with a well-set intention or a dream put into action through goals however, we don’t need to add extraneous pressure to our already hectic lives. 2018 saw the arrival of the self-care movement and so shouldn’t we be continuing that through to 2019 by relieving the stress of resolutions. There is nothing damaging itself in a resolution if it is truly something that you want to do. If you want to still set intentions and goals, then go ahead, but perhaps think about changing it from ‘exercising more’ to ‘only going to exercise classes I enjoy’. Potentially something a little vaguer resonates with you, for example ‘doing things for me’, or ‘taking time to breathe’. They are simple things when you think about it, but how much nicer is that than daunting resolutions which bring you nothing but misery. Another option is to just decide you might set an intention later in the year should something arise you feel compelled to do.

If you’ve already got your resolutions set and they make you feel excited and genuinely happy, even if they are crazy and challenging then go for it, you’ve got this! But if your resolutions are strict and harsh, and really, you’d rather stand in the rain for hours instead of doing them, then maybe it is time to re-evaluate our culture of constant self-improvement and ditch the new year resolutions.

So, whether you’ve set resolutions or not it really doesn’t matter, what does is doing what is right for you and your life at this very moment.

© Copyright Naomi Chavasse

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